One year post-grad

So here we are on May 7, and as of five days ago, I’ve officially been a graduate for one full year. Looking back on this past week is crazy, let alone this past year. Last summer, I was nervous that I wouldn’t find a job. I spent months on the hunt and landed an internship that moved me to NYC for the first time. I moved from Athens back to Indiana to Long Island to Harlem to Brooklyn, where I now live with two of my greatest friends. My internship led to a job, one that I officially started in mid-April. It’s surreal to reflect on these past 365 days that have been filled with terror and joy and stress and excitement.

In the time since I last wrote, I celebrated Easter with my favorite people, said good-bye to some of the best intern friends I met, explored new places in this city I now call home and had one of the worst nights of my life. I spent this past weekend on Long Island eating bagels on the beach, drinking wine, and cheering on runners in the pouring rain. This week I went to my first playoff game (LEGGO ISLES), saw ‘On Your Feet’ and cheered on Captain America.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m stable right now. I have a job, I live in a pretty amazing city and I’m surrounded by people I love. I went through a lot of changes this past year. I can’t say for sure what this next year will hold, but I do know that it at least holds a Beyoncé concert and an Avett Brothers concert, so there’s always those things to look forward to.


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