The one where the future looks up

Well, last month was probably one of the most stressful times of my life, but after apartment hunting for a good four weeks, my roommates (my best friend and her boyfriend) and I finally found a place a week before I had to move out of my Harlem sublet. We signed a lease in Kensington, Brooklyn and within a week had moved in and made this place home. I’ve never felt more satisfied in all of my life. My dad and sister drove from the Midwest to help me with the move, and it was so great having them both here. I didn’t get to show my sister much of the city, though I did take her to Barclay’s so we could grab delicious pizza at Patsy’s.

But aside from the craziness that was hunting for a home, these past few weeks have been amazing. My friend Heather came to the city for Valentine’s Day weekend, and we spent galentine’s day at the rooftop bar above Eately, which I highly recommend. I’ve never had a Valentine, but that didn’t matter. This year, I spent it grabbing brunch in Hell’s Kitchen and then barhopping from Valhalla to World of Beer and some other place in Union Square. Kristin and I celebrated her move with Marg Day at Tortaria. My watermelon margs were on point. Carolyn, Kristin and I wandered around Brooklyn, covering 10 miles, just exploring and falling in love with the Brooklyn Bridge Park area. We also managed to grab a table in Grimaldi’s and eat the amazing brick-oven, cooked-in-front-of-you pizza the restaurant is famous for. I covered a Kesha protest for work and covered the Oscars. I have become good friends with my fellow BI interns, and we accidentally ended up going to The Gutter, the bowling alley featured in the SNL opening, because Brooklyn Bowl had an expensive cover charge. We’ve gone to The Irish Exit multiple times to celebrate almost all of us winning happy hour. It’s been so nice so lunches on the office rooftop have become a new staple. My birthday was this month, so to celebrate, I went to see the Islanders play Pittsburgh (and WIN!) the day before, grabbed dinner at Agozar with intern friends, college friends and a high school friend who happened to be in town the day of, and went out to Irish Exit on Friday. The following Sunday was my friend Nick’s birthday so we celebrated with a brunch and then Carolyn and I lounged all afternoon in Central Park. To add to March birthdays, Carolyn’s is tomorrow so we’ve got a dinner planned. And this weekend, Kristin and I went to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and I’m so happy about it. It was my first show since I’ve moved to this city, and the cast was absolutely phenomenal. The feeling you get when watching a Broadway show is addictive. I just want to get tickets for everything (and I’m still applying to the Hamilton lottery every single day). But to top off these past few weeks of amazingness, I received a job offer. I’ll explain more when everything is official, but New York, you’re not getting rid of me yet.



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