One month down — the one where we went to hockey games, braved a blizzard and saw Amy Schumer

I can’t believe the first month of the year is already over. I feel like time is moving too quickly for me to grasp. It’s not even that I’m doing much, but when you work a 9-5 job during the week and only have weekends for adventures, time flies. When I stop and think about it though, it sort of stresses me out, because this is the rest of my life. This working, watching TV and fitting adventures in when possible is it. There are no more breaks to look forward to; it’s now up to me to schedule vacations if I can get off work. And what’s even scarier is that I have almost been graduated for a year and have yet to have an actual job. This intern life is terrifying.

But I’m not going to let these disturbing thoughts hinder my love for this past month. When I last wrote, I was excited for Girl’s Weekend, and it was everything I wanted and more. Saturday, I made my way to Queens to hang out with Carolyn, Jack and Nick where we proceeded to drink — wine floats — and talk. We were supposed to go out, but we just never did. Carolyn and I then decided to buy tickets to the Islanders game the following Sunday because it’d been a while since we saw our team play.

Isles take on Vancouver in a helluva game.

The Islanders faced the Canucks at Barclays and lost, but it was one of the most AMAZING games I have ever been to. The Isles were down for much of the game, but Strome tied it with a minute left in the final period. After a period of overtime, we had to go to a shootout and lost, but the tension and excitement in Barclays that evening was an experience I will never forget. We haven’t had much of a chance to explore around Barclays, so we ventured to Black Forest Brooklyn (733 Fulton St, Brooklyn), an indoor biergarten. It’s adorable and has delicious food, but let me tell you a bit about their beer flight. It comes with 13 beers, so we thought it would be great to split. But even with splitting it, Carolyn and I got more drunk than expected. Those drinks were large, but I honestly have no complaints about any of them. They were all so delicious, especially the grapefruit one. Some guy next to us complimented us in surprise after we finished. OU, oh yeah, amiright? We probably should have gone home after, but instead, we went to another bar nearby. It was a good night.

John Gallagher Jr. killed it as per usual.

We had planned to do some shopping on Monday — it was Martin Luther King Jr. day so we were off from work — but it was a bit of rough morning. I didn’t leave my apartment until later that evening when it was time to see John Gallagher Jr. (aka one of my loves) perform. I had managed to see him once already since moving, but this was in celebration of his album release. GO LISTEN TO IT NOW. I’m not kidding. I have been listening to it nonstop since, and I’m addicted. It’s the perfect soundtrack to walk the NYC streets to. Support him.

The following weekend was the weekend of the big, bad blizzard. Nick and I planned to hang out Friday night, so he made some chili and I brought the Baileys to add to our hot chocolate. I made him watch Far From the Maddening Crowd because it’s adorable and Matthias Schoenaerts <3. The next film was Inside Llewyn Davis. I hadn’t seen it, and I’m obsessed with Oscar Isaac. While it wasn’t one of my favorite films, I adore the soundtrack with ever fiber of my being. By the time I left that evening, Jonas had already begun. Waking up the next morning to see all of the snow that had fallen overnight made me happy. We haven’t had much of a winter here in NYC, which scares me because global warming. I was glad to have a day to lounge around though. The city pretty much shut down, so I binge-watched all the shows I’ve fallen behind on.

The following day, I woke up and searched the web for all of the videos of Oscar Isaac singing that I could find because I’m in love and obsessed. Not mad about it. I needed an excuse to leave the apartment though, so Nick and I grabbed dinner at Burger Joint (33 W 8th St), down in Greenwich Village. It made me think of Athens, and the food was great. I’m obsessed with fries, and they definitely had some of my favorites in the city.

A few days later, I met with my friend Henry at Nanette Lepore’s flagship store when he got off work, and he took me to Tacombi (267 Elizabeth St) in SoHo. This Mexican restaurant is complete with a VW bus in the middle of the place. Agua de horchata and tacos? Count this Mexican girl in.

And now for this past weekend. Kristin and William (my future roommates) came to the city for job interviews/apartment hunting. So Thursday, when they arrived, we grabbed dinner and drinks at Churchill Tavern (45 E 28th St). I couldn’t resist taking them to my favorite little British hideaway in the city. The next day, we met up with them and out friends, Josh and Sara, at Morgan’s BBQ (267 Flatbush Ave) near Barclays. I keep talking about food, but it was really good. And they served me beer in a mason jar and because I’m that type of person, I was really thrilled about it. I know. I’m the worst.

The next day, we were going to look at some apartments down in Kensington, but first, I had to stop by Bergen Bagel (473 Bergen St, also near Barclays) in the morning to grab myself a toasted wheat bagel with blueberry cream cheese. It was delicious. But the apartments. I really did fall in love with pretty much all of the ones we looked at. We put our applications in early this week. One of them has already been snatched up, but we’ll see if we manage to get the other. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. I’m sure we’ll find something before I have to move in at the end of February, but it really is a stressful time.

One of my favorite British bloggers just made her move to the West Village, and while I wish that was a feasible option, living in lower Manhattan on a beginning salary is impossible. But that’s okay, because I’ve fallen desperately in love with Park Slope and the surrounding Brooklyn areas, so I’m hoping we can find something down there or by Prospect Park. It is a tad more on the expensive side, but not impossible when you have three people searching for a two bedroom, which is helpful.

But Saturday, something amazing happened. WE GOT TO SEE AMY SCHUMER. We decided to randomly head to the Comedy Cellar (117 Macdougal St) and try to get in line for the 8:45 standby show. After grabbing dinner at The Penny Farthing (103 3rd Ave, the only bar I’ve found in the city to serve my favorite strawberry-lime Rekorderlig Cider!!!), we made our way to the Cellar. The list for 8:45 standby was already done at 8:15, so we hopped in line for 10:30. The guys in front of us left, so we ended up first and became fast friends with the bouncer. This poor man has to deal with so many awful people and annoying questions. I don’t know how he has the patience for it. But alas, as the ticketed folks and the 8:45 standby guys made their way in, a group of four were prohibited from entering because some guy was an asshole. They were going to sit in an area for five people, so the bouncer asked if the six of us could squeeze in. We were thrilled to, so it worked out well. So we’re sitting, drinking and enjoying jokes when the host emerged to announce AMY FREAKING SCHUMER. We fangirled, hard. She was hilarious and brilliant and everything I had hoped she’d be. My other favorite guy from the night was from David Letterman’s show. After the show, we went to the Fat Black Pussycat (130 W 3rd St) bar for some drinks. It was an amazing evening.

Anyway, hopefully the next time I write, I’ll have good housing news. If not, I’ll be ranting. But the first month of the year has been pretty amazing. I can’t complain.


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