A week with friends (and places you should see in NYC)

So I know I said that I meant to write every week, and while it’s been a little more than a week, I’m not devastatingly late on this post. That’s already better than I did last year. I’m looking on the bright side of things.

Two of my hometown best friends arrived on January 5, and while I was working all week, we were still able to hang out. By day they were off on adventures on their own, and by night, we were grabbing dinner/binge-watching New Girl. (They forced me to start, which was fine, because the show is laugh-out-loud funny. Also, since I live with three dudes I found on the Internet, the show relates to me more than I expected it to. Conversations they’ve had or situations they’ve dealt with align too closely with my life for comfort. Unfortunately though, I’m not going to have my own Nick Miller.) Cayci had never been to the city before, so I tried to take her to places that were more out of the way and let Melody handle the touristy things when I wasn’t with them.

Carolyn and I took them to Fiddlesticks, our sitcom bar, the first night they arrived for a warm city welcome. On Wednesday, I met them at The Strand (only one of the most glorious bookstores), and then we walked up to Shake Shack so they could try this East Coast gem.

Now, because I had to work during the Golden Globes on Sunday, I got a half-day Friday so this was reserved for exploring the Upper East Side and pretending we were on Gossip Girl, Met Steps and all. We also went to this adorable cafe that was built in an old church chapel near Central Park. Talk about feeling fancier than I’ll ever be. That night, we were going to try to head to one of the speakeasies in NYC, but with a 45 minute wait, I mentioned a British-themed bar near my work that I’ve wanted to go to. The Churchill Tavern was everything I could have dreamed of and more. It’s one of my new favorite spots in the city. And Friday was the first time I went out with two of my roommates since moving to the city, so that was a good time.

Saturday was for Brooklyn exploring, something I haven’t had a chance to do yet, so obviously we explored around DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’m obsessed with that area, and if money wasn’t an issue, I’d be there always. After falling in love with that area, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I never realized that the walk across goes through the center of the bridge rather than on the side. I then dragged them to see Battery Park so Cayci could catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty for the first time, and then it was over to the West Side for her first slice of heaven that is New York pizza. But when the weekend was up, it was time to bid farewell to my friends and head back to work.

This week featured our holiday party, which was quite the event, but it was great to finally meet more people from the office and not feel like just a lowly intern.

And now for this weekend: Designated girl’s weekend. Carolyn’s French man had to go back to France earlier this week, so we decided on plans to keep her (and me just because) busy this weekend. It started last night with a classy dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe on 5th and will extend through Monday night. Cheers to the weekend and what we have planned.


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