It’s been 93 days since I graduated college, and I’m still on that job hunt, slightly dismayed, mostly chugging along. Lord knows I’m not just sitting on my hands watching the minutes pass by. The next issue of Cliché comes out in five days, and I’m still freelancing. I have time to read books, hang out with family, binge my favorite shows and fall in love with characters that are the closest thing to a relationship that I’ll have while living at home. But yes, it is disheartening to read about dream internships only available to college students, never hearing back from countless jobs I’ve applied to and finding the perfect entry-level job description to only discover that they want a candidate far above entry-level expectations. Nobody said this part was easy, and it most definitely isn’t. I have a wonderful support system — family, friends, former colleagues — who are helping me in every way that they can. From recommendations to advice to eating pints of ice cream with me when I’m feeling down, these people get me through the low points of this summer.

I just got back from a week and a half in Oquossoc, Maine. My grandparents bought plots of land on Mooselookmeguntic Lake back in the sixties, and the homes they built have been in my family ever since. This is my happy place, and this year, I got to take some of my best friends with me. We chased waterfalls and hiked up mountains and slammed into rocks while white water rafting and sat in hammocks and played card games and canoed and completed puzzles and challenged each other during Jeopardy. I got to show them a town I admire and some of the most beautiful locations this country has to offer. Some of my family was also up there, and while family can often cause some distress, it was a relatively calm vacation. Drunk card games with my family and friends became something I looked forward to. But now I’m back in my hometown, feeling invigorated to start the job hunt anew, but also missing the people who make me feel whole. They are spread around this country from coast to coast, and living far away doesn’t make leaving them any easier.

All I want is to find a job and leave this hometown of mine, and while I’m struggling to realize that it’s not as easy as I had hoped, I’m desperately trying to remember what matters. The world keeps turning even while I feel like it has stopped, so I have to keep going too. It’s not time to throw in the towel; that time never comes. It’s all about pressing forward, so that’s what I’m doing.
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