What I’ve learned in the month since moving home.

I graduated from college May 2 and moved home May 3 to begin the job hunt. So now that I’ve been home for about a month, I’ve learned a few things about coming home, looking for a job and finding myself.

When you move home for the first time in four years, there are some things that are different and some things that are exactly the same. The hometown you were excited to leave is going to seem infuriatingly small in comparison to the places you’ve been. Your anticipation for leaving is going to be stronger than ever. You have to remind yourself about what you enjoy about the place though. From the restaurants you enjoyed eating at to the people you get to be reunited with, hometowns will always have something for you to turn to. I got to see some of my best friends that I haven’t seen in months and remembered that distance doesn’t diminish how much these people mean to me. I got to take my friends from Ohio/Long Island to three states in the span of three days, thanks to my convenient location near the borders of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. I get to learn Mexican recipes from my grandma and practice my skills in the kitchen, which are lacking in comparison to Mima’s fantastic skills. I’m going to be able to watch my sister graduate from high school, and I’m going to be able to travel back to Athens to assist her during her freshman orientation. There are worst places to be than the tiny town you thought you never wanted to see again.

The job hunt is one of the most daunting and disappointing journeys you will ever embark on. You will feel discouraged and want to just binge on Netflix shows to forget how worthless you feel. You will start to think that four years of classes, internships, freelancing and student publications will have been a meaningless venture. You will feel like there are no opportunities available, and that even if you find one, you aren’t qualified. You’ll overthink the entire process.

But you mustn’t stop pushing, looking and sending emails. I’m still digging for jobs, but I’m also keeping myself busy with an online magazine I’ve worked at for four years and a freelance job. When I feel worthless, I turn to my dog to keep me company and Netflix to entertain me. I’ve found time to read for fun again, and most importantly, I’ve started writing for myself. I’m remembering why I wanted to be a journalist and why I love the path I’ve chosen.

This month has been a learning experience. With the start of a new month, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle more applications. My friend and I are designating this “the week of the hunt” and are helping each other with applications all week. I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m excited, scared and nervous to see what happens, but persistence is key. It always will be.


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