Leaving LA

I’m sitting at a family friend’s house in Mesa, and I’m struggling to look forward to my road trip when I’m desperately missing THR and everyone I met this summer. My final three weeks in LA flew by. I made plenty of memories and had plenty of firsts, and I made the most of every moment I had.

Even though I work right down the street from LACMA, it took me until mid-July to finally pop in and see the wide variety of art. From Van Gogh to Warhol to some weird spaghetti type things dangling outside, the museum was filled with hundreds of different works that were absolutely amazing to see. A PSA I have for you is about the museum cafe: get their orange creamsicle drink. It is one of the most amazing drink you will ever have in your entire life.

Marion, a fellow intern, and I had quite a few of our own adventures. We went to The Grove — my first time — and popped around to some of the shops. It really is an adorable little area, but the market has to be my favorite. The food is great, the people are nice and it is a gentle, yet crowded, reprieve from the chaos of LA. But the best part of our adventure was our Saturday spent at Disneyland! IMG_20140726_112410351We were only there for one day, but that was plenty of time to ride the top rides on our list and get the full experience of Disney magic induced happiness. We also spent time at California Adventure, where I actually rode the Tower of Terror for the first time. Cars Land is one of the greatest places I have ever been to, and I was so thrilled to finally get a chance to see that place in action. It was also great to see Oswald’s store, because as classic as that character is, that is my last name, so adding a mug to my collection from this place was fate at its finest.

I had to move out four days after this trip, and I headed to Olivia’s for my last week in LA. I had a chance to visit Venice for the first time. The boardwalk was as weird as I expected, but it was a lot more unsanitary than I imagined. I would never take young children there. No sir. The canals, on the other hand, are stunning. We adventured to the Getty Villa and drove through Malibu to Neptune’s Net, which is home to some pretty wonderful seafood. I fell in love with Malibu, I went to Runyon and before I knew it, it was my last day at THR.

I cried. I’m not going to lie. I did, but it was the night before instead of at the office, because…well, you know. The Hollywood Reporter was an incredible place to spend my summer. The people are incredibly kind, there was never a lack of learning and the environment was thrilling. I owe this magazine and the people I worked with my life for all of the assurance I now have that I am pursuing the right field. I want nothing more than to return as soon as I can. I can now say that half of my heart is in London and the other half is in LA. This is only an “until next time,” LA. I’ll be seeing you soon.

As you can see by my finalized list, there are a few things I missed out on doing in LA, but for the most part, my list was completed. Looks like I’ll just have to come back. But anyway, I have two weeks until my senior year starts, and I’m starting to freakout a bit. Stay tuned to see how I handle this next adventure .

Go to Disneyland 
Visit San Diego
Get a picture with the Hollywood sign
See a performance at the Hollywood Bowl
Go to an LA Galaxy game (maybe Wednesday)
See a movie in a cemetery
Try In N Out
Visit The Last Bookstore
Go to the Griffith Observatory
Hike in Runyon Canyon

Visit Malibu
Tour WB Studios


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