Growing up

Growing up is weird, and it entails doing a lot of things I don’t want to do but sort of have to get used to. The most pathetic of these things is doing things alone. As much as I say I hate people — and I really do to some extent — I am incapable of doing things or going places alone. I can’t say if it’s for fear of getting lost or looking stupid, I just have never liked the feeling, but life doesn’t work in a way that I can be surrounded by people I love at all times. I’ve moved cities and started in places where everyone was a stranger, so you’d think I’d be used to it. I’m not lying when I say I can hole myself in my apartment and be comfortable with Netflix to support me. I decided today that I was going to get over this fear of mine and explore downtown LA a bit by myself, and I did just that, though I didn’t start the adventures alone.

If you remember my friend Saba (refer to the last blog post if not), you’ll remember that she works at the LA Times. I asked her yesterday for a lunch recommendation knowing I wanted to head downtown for the day, and she had the great idea of meeting me for lunch. I hopped on the Metro, got off at Grand Park and read my book in the park as I waited for her to finish editing. When she was done, I met her in front of the LA Times building (WHICH IS MASSIVE), and we headed to Grand Central Market. That place is incredibly cute, and I was most pleased with lunch. We also got coffee shakes from G&B Coffee. Hello to the most delicious drink in the world…well, one of the most delicious drinks. She showed me the bench from (500) Days of Summer where Joseph draws the skyline on Zooey’s arm, but unfortunately the park is closed due to too many homeless people. How upsetting is that? But what isn’t upsetting is the Bradbury Building, which is where Joseph does his architecture job interview at the end. That place is magical. At this point, Saba and I then departed, and it was time for me to be an adult and do things alone. My phone was dying and I was about to walk around a city I didn’t know, so I did what any smart, reasonable person would do. I went to The Last Bookstore. And that’s where I fell in love.

If you haven’t been there, and you have the chance to, please do. The place is book heaven. Lord knows it’s amazing that I only walked out with four books after wanting to buy everything. I’m pleased with my selections, and I can’t wait to start reading them once I finish A Dance With Dragons. When I finally left, I had no idea what to do or where to go, so I walked until I found Pershing Square (which is really close) and hopped on the Metro back home.

So I know that’s kind of a pathetic outing, but it’s a step for me, and I have to say I’m quite proud of the fact that I did it alone. The next step is to go to the Science Center/other museums alone. Soon I won’t care that I’ll probably be spending a lot of  time by myself….right? Right?! Well, one can hope.

As for the other parts of growing up, I have to say I’ve learned a bit more about the journalism job markets and the dos and don’ts for my future through an interview series with staff that The Hollywood Reporter provides us with. As was stated the other day, no one cares if we succeed in our jobs. If we can help make our bosses’ lives easier and show that we are indispensable, that’s what counts. That’s all I can ever hope to do. I love this internship more than anything, and I know that I am passionate about it, so I’ll continue to work hard, and who knows what the future holds? I’m growing up, and the world is a big, scary place, but I’m trucking my way through it, and I have miles and miles to go.


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