Living that LA life

Well, I’ve officially been in LA for 19 days now. 19 whole days, and that’s weird to me, because I can’t tell if it feels like I’ve been here forever or if time is flying by.

Now, acclimating to this city wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing help of Olivia ( who graciously let me stay with her for a few days before trying to move me in to my apartment building, who let me stay with her after problems with said apartment building prohibited me from moving in for four more days, who helped me finally move in after waiting forever for more issues to blow over and for taking me on LA adventures —  even though she didn’t need to.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I arrived in Los Angeles on May 13, and I instantly fell in love with the trees with purple flowers and the towering palm trees. The chaos of the city streets, the busy shopping centers, the impossibility of parking (and sometimes getting out of parking garages), the necessity of carrying your own bags into said shopping centers and the vast expanse of the city are all things I still need to get used to, but I’m getting there. My dad and I drove around the city and up into the Hollywood Hills to give me a small — but very intimidating — tour of LA. We ended the day with a Metro pass for me (oh, public transport) and a dinner with Olivia. The next morning, it was good-bye dad and hello Olivia’s apartment. It’s this cute little place near Santa Monica, and I enjoyed the time I spent there.

10349743_646147532133193_500552838_nWhile there, we got some Diddy Riese (the cheapest make-it-yourself ice cream sandwich place), saw a show at The Mint LA, visited the Third Street Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier at night, watched Lost and made some pretty great dinners. I was supposed to move into my apartment May 17, but issues prevented me from moving in until May 21, so it was back to Olivia’s for a few days. I was starting work May 19 and was a little (okay, a lot) scared, but Olivia helped me calm down before I started.

After my first day at the office, I knew I had nothing to worry about. Everybody there has been nothing but welcoming and helpful, the office is easy to get to via public transport, it’s in a great area and I’ve gotten the chance to do some pretty amazing things (stay tuned for later in the post). Now, I only work two days a week, which makes me sad, because I really love it and would love to work more, but such is life. After work on Wednesday, Olivia and I headed towards USC to move me into my 10311037_319169471570875_2040205219_napartment. Everyone, take a look at the Lorenzo. This is where I live. This is the view from my room. This is my life for the summer. Four pools, a three-story gym and free coffee are just a few of the amenities. A girl really can’t complain about this life. I was living here alone for a few days before my first roommate moved in. Loredanna is absolutely a great roommate, and we’ve had a good time so far. Our other roommate, Danielle, just moved in yesterday, so there’s that.

As for the past two weeks with my internship, I have loved every moment of it. This past week was the busiest I’ve been what with projects (just wait until later this month to hear about that) and my first chance to cover a Hollywood red carpet! Yup, I got to cover the Maleficent premiere, which meant 10432015_669787063091821_250834480_ntalking with most of the cast (Angelina had to fly past us because she was late and took too much time with fans). It was an amazing experience, but what made it even better was meeting Saba, an LA Times reporter who knows two of my journalism friends from OU. She helped make my experience at the premiere amazing and showed me around Hollywood a bit (such as seeing the Dolby Theater). I can’t wait to hang out with her this summer.

So all in all, these past 19 days have been pretty great. I have plenty of time to go out and explore the city, but I think for this night, Orphan Black and a nice dinner is good enough for me. I’m excited to see what happens during the summer and what my internship has in store for me. Life is a grand thing.

Summer goals (well, some of the most important ones):
Go to Disneyland
Visit San Diego
Get a picture with the Hollywood sign
See a performance at the Hollywood Bowl
Go to an LA Galaxy game
See a movie in the cemetary
Try In N Out
Visit The Last Bookstore
Go to the Griffith Observatory
Hike in Runyon Canyon
Visit Malibu
Tour WB Studios


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