Adventures in LA

I haven’t written anything since January 2, which seems like a really long time ago when I write it on the computer, but it actually feels like it flew by at the speed of light. This semester is ending in two and a half weeks. I’m going to be a senior. As good as that word tastes in my mouth, it also has a bitter aftertaste. Being a senior means I’m one step closer to following through with my dreams, but it also means the terrifying real world and the potential for utter failure.

So I guess that leaves me with two ways of looking at it.

But before I even attempt to think about senior year, I’m about to face one of the biggest adventures of my life: my first real-office internship. Where? AT THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. I’m packing my bags and heading to California (for the first time) for a summer internship at my dream publication.

Less than fifteen weeks ago my magazine feature professor asked the class where we would love to intern. Less than fifteen weeks ago I said The Hollywood Reporter. Fast forward to present day, and here I am with an internship at The Hollywood Reporter. SOMEONE PINCH ME. THIS ISN’T REAL.

I haven’t documented any of my adventures in a while, which makes me sad, because although they weren’t entirely thrilling, it was my life.

I went to my first professional hockey game (go Islanders! …even though they lost), I turned 21, I celebrated with my friends as they turned 21, I’m looking at a (hopefully) 4.0 this semester, I’ve made some new friends and I’ve enjoyed life.

In about a month I’ll be moving for the summer and heading on an entirely new adventure. A lot can change in a few weeks. Who knew?


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