Back into the swing of things

We’re four days into the start of the school year, and I’m behind on almost all of my readings. Now that‘s what I’m talking about.

It might be a little frustrating to have a lack of sleep, and this week is particularly awful due to the stomach pains I’m feeling; however, this is what I live for. The whole lack of a social life and regular sleep pattern means I’m accomplishing something.

I worked on a fun drug CP over the summer and managed to pull together some crazy sources, and that was published today. The first of my five PMs this semester was published today, and that’s always a good feeling.

Sure, 20 credit hours is a little overwhelming, but I’m crossing off my list of required classes for my major and double minors. I’m getting things done, and the faster I do that, the faster I can head back to London and find a job. AMIRIGHT?

But in all seriousness, that’s the goal. The more time I sit in school, the less I’m actually doing what I want to be doing. Don’t get me wrong, OU is wonderful, and I love all of my friends here. I also really admire most of my professors and thank them for everything. And the staff at The Post? Most of them are my family, and they have taught me so much. I’m taking everything in during this next two years because then I’m all done with what I know, and I’m going to be thrust into a realm of not knowing anything or anyone. But that’s exciting for me, so hey, bring it on world. I’m ready.


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