UPDATE: Today was better

Today has been a success, and after yesterday’s tumultuous events (see previous post) it was necessary. 

  • My dad called IKEA, essentially said screw you and demanded they come pick my worthless bed items up this week. (My dad is feisty, in case you missed that) Hopefully they do.
  • If not, that’s okay because I have a bed! So, not now, but I will. August 28. I just have to piece it together. My parents went to Sears and found a cute daybed, so they ordered it.  It’s a bit larger than the IKEA one which is kind of annoying, but my room is coming together, and it will go nicely.
  • I found out Ryant and Nikki live across the street, so I’m excited about that. They are brilliant folks who love the Front Room just as much as me, and for that (and a lot more) I love both of them. 
  • I’ve been going through my record collection and enjoying life as I begin to organize everything. 

So all in all, today was great. Thanks Athens, that’s better. 


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