Series of unfortunate events

I moved back to Athens today. After 8 months of not seeing this beautiful town, I finally moved back. And instead of being greeted by the warm welcome I expected, I was greeted with the most unfortunate events I could never have foreseen.

You see, it all started after my second (quite large) shopping excursion of the day. I went to Wal-Mart and attempted to purchase a load of new things for my house, but my card was declined. Okay, so that’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s frustrating. After leaving the store, I decided to call my credit card company.

  • First, I was on the phone with a robot for 15 minutes before it decided to tell me “oh, and you may say representative at any time to be transf…” and that’s where I screamed and yelled “representative!”
  • Second, this lady couldn’t speak English well, and I was struggling to get my message across. She first told me the card was not activated. I was all like “hold up lady, I’ve been using it since I went to London in January, AND I just used it this morning.” She then had me clarify some purchases. She then said that it was under fraud, so I had to explain that I’m studying in Ohio for school, but she insisted on putting a “travel update” on my card. Whatever. It was kind of fixed and worked out.

So after that, I waited around until my items arrived from IKEA. After picking them up, we realized there was a mistake. They sent us two of the same box, and the bed is now “out of stock,” so I am now bedless until further notice. NOT COOL IKEA. NOT COOL.

As everything was falling apart around me, my mom accidentally knocked into me with a metal rod and gashed my leg up pretty well. So that’s neat.

And to top it off, I have a bunch of useless crap hanging around my house until delivery people pick it up in God only knows how many days, a wallet screaming at me because my funds are limited and a leg that still bleeds a little.

Thanks for the warm welcome Athens. It’s good to be back. (But seriously it is because I saw Kelly, ate dinner with Amanda and had a quick screaming “I missed you” reunion with Rikkel.) Thanks guys. You da bomb.

Here’s to hoping better things happen tomorrow!


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