Here’s the thing, I love my family, but I’m sick of this small little town. Since I got back from London, all I’ve wanted to do was go back. I can’t, so I’ve made do by hanging out with the best friends a girl could have and spending three weeks in the beautiful Maine mountains.

It’s been a good summer to match one of the best years of my life, but I’m counting down until I go back to school.

In eight days I’ll be heading back to Athens and the OU campus. I’m going to be united with friends I haven’t seen for EIGHT months. Nothing I say can explain to you just how much I miss these people. I was lucky to see some of them while in Europe, but I just want to squeeze my best friends and never let them go. I can’t wait to watch movies and love on some beautiful actors with them. I can’t wait to get back to Front Room and watch talented musicians every Friday night. I can’t wait to walk on the bricked roads and stuff my face with Fluff. I can’t wait to get back into gear with school and choir with the girls and writing for The Post. I can’t wait to have no time to myself. And last but not least, I can’t wait to move into a house with two of my greatest friends and be on our own.

So the bills and the being an adult kind of stinks. And maybe the whole twenty credit hours, two internships and a job is going to kill me. But a busy life is the best life to me, and this whole non-exciting town is killing me. Athens isn’t the hustle and bustle city that London is. It’s not the most exciting place in America either, but it has friends that have become family, it has the job that I love and it has the education that is going to help me succeed in my dreams.

So Athens, I’ll see you in eight days. Sit tight.

OU, oh yeah.


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