Back in my happy place

I’m back in the place that makes me happy. It’s not London, and it’s nowhere close, but it’s a wonderful place. I am at my family’s lake house in Oquossoc, Maine, and for two weeks, I’m going to be happy.

You see, I’ve been coming up to Maine practically every summer since I was a little girl. The property and houses have been in my family since my dad was a kid. His family decided to get a summer home in Maine, and the kids helped to build the two houses.

Having this beautiful place that has been in my family since the 60s means the world to me. It’s a simple home, but I’ve grown with it, and I’ve loved it. I came here when I was afraid of what was in the water and feared bugs. I came here when I just wanted to stay home and hang out with friends. I came here when I realized that this place was one of the happiest places in the world.

There is nothing like laying out in a hammock and reading a book. There is nothing like canoeing out to an island with family and having a picnic. There is nothing like building a bonfire on the beach and watching fireworks in the mountains. There is nothing like the fear that hits you when you fall out of a white water raft or the exhilaration you feel when you stay on. There is nothing like hiking up a mountain and admiring the view. There is nothing like exploring  lighthouses and learning about history.

Maine is this place for me. I’m so glad I have this place to come to. My family may be crazy, and they may yell and fight with each other some nights. But this is my happy place, and it forever will be.


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