The past three weeks

Oh, I only have five days left in this city that I love so much, and I’m dreading the end of this week; however, I should wait to talk about that and instead head back to our London return from the Euro Trip adventures. I can’t express in words how wonderful it was to hop on the Underground, use my Oyster card and settle back into Victoria Hall (and if you knew this hall, you would understand how surprising that is). I came back home, and it felt beautiful.

Some random things:

  • Emerging from the Oxford Circus tube stop and entering the chaos of central London is magical.
  • Joe and the Juice has provided me with the great music, delicious juices, beautiful guys and a place to study.
  • We need Joe and the Juice in the US.
  • We also need Nando’s. Stat.
  • I found my London Beanie Boy and will miss him dearly.
  • Secondhand bookstores are the best. I bought five books. Oops.
  • All I want out of life is a relationship like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

Anyway, once we got back, I had an essay to finish and two finals to prepare for, so that took precedence over everything. I actually enjoyed writing my essay because I was analysing Latino racial stereotypes in Disney films and TV shows. London has definitely taught me the art of research reports and has shown me how easy it is to not procrastinate. The lecturers give you so much time to work on one project. I like the splitting of the class into one hour of lecture and one hour of conversation, because it makes it easier to focus. The lack of exams provides a better opportunity for individual thinking. I’m going to miss this style of learning.

We ended up seeing The Tempest at The Globe Theatre as groundlings, and I absolutely loved the performance. Although there were plenty of helicopters flying above us to interrupt much of the show, the actors were able to continue in character and make us laugh. I also didn’t realize that Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin in the BBC show Merlin) was in it. It was brilliant watching him perform live.

The weather was beautiful after our return, so I didn’t mind walking around the Harrow campus one last time admiring the hipster students playing their guitars and watching the hipster filmmakers film final projects. Goodness, I love it there.

I managed to get tickets to see Chatty Man film live, so my friends and I went to the Channel 4 studios for the show. Alan Carr is absolutely brilliant, and I was beyond thrilled for the opportunity. After waiting in line outside of The London Studios for 30 minutes, a man finally came around, took our tickets and wrapped a pink bracelet around our wrists. We followed him when he called us forward, and there we were. We were on the set that I am so familiar with on screen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alan Carr: Chatty Man, it is a British comedy chat show hosted by the ever brilliantly flamboyant Alan Carr. Before the show even started, one of the staff members chose four guys to have a dance competition. The one nicknamed Zac Efron was particularly attractive. Anyway, the guests of the night were Sir Bruce Forsyth, Steve Coogan, Jo Brand and Seann Walsh, and Little Mix. Sir Bruce Forsyth holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of having the longest career as a male TV entertainer. I want him as my grandfather. Steve Coogan is a well-known English actor and comedian, and Jo Brand and Sean Walsh are comedians as well. Before the interview even started, Walsh had us laughing with a bit of a slip on the stairs. The five girls of Little Mix added to the show with a little Q&A and then a pyro, confetti-filled performance of “How ya Doin’?”. It was my second time seeing them live since coming to London.

DSCN3453The following day was the Star Trek: Into Darkness premiere. I wasn’t able to get up close, but I was in the presence of brilliance that night. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect, and Chris Pine’s eyes are brilliant in person. And the rest of the cast is perfect as well.

My best friend Cayci was supposed to arrive the 4, but due to some problems, she didn’t get here until the 5. It’s okay though. We had plenty of time for adventures in the parks, London streets and museums. We also made a list of things to do for the summer with our friend Melody. It’s going to be a good one; I can tell.

During the week she was here, I had to take my Spanish exam. I hope I did well. We also managed to see the Queen! She is every bit as adorable in person as you would imagine her to be. By in person, I mean driving by in a carriage. But still. 946459_4976301293822_1793974232_n

After Cayci left, our program took us to Brighton. It was a little chilly and incredibly windy, but I fell in love with the city. The beach, the pier, the shops…the whole environment fit me perfectly. I could have looked at all of the vintage shops and vinyl stores for hours. Also, it’s now a goal of mine to go to Brighton Pier on a date. Really. It’s perfect. This plan might be hard considering I don’t live here, but one day I will. Just wait.

Random things again:

  • Brick Lane has the best cheap food. And it’s a brilliant marketplace.
  • My cinema final was fairly simple.
  • Hamley’s is the best toy store ever.
  • Riding in one of the original double decker buses is a wonderful experience.
  • Regent St. without traffic is really weird.
  • I got a Twitter response from Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) and screamed.
  • The Office finale killed me. It also reminded me how lonely I am.
  • The SNL finale killed me.
  • Hampstead Heath is my favorite park, and Belsize Park is my favorite area.
  • Maoams are so good. I get why Jack and Finn love them. But now I need to find them in a packet so I can take some to the states. Someone help me out?
  • Eurovision is super cheesy and brilliant.
  • I’m hooked on Made in Chelsea.
  • MI6 is a fantastic looking building.
  • Sauntering across Abbey Road has a way of making one feel great.

Well, that’s a complete update of my life thus far. God, I don’t want to leave.

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