A day spent galavanting

What a long day it has been. After waking up at 4:30 this morning, I was unable to fall back asleep, and after wandering around London all day, I have reached the point of exhaustion. But before I forget what happened today, I think I should probably explain the day and talk a little about what I learned.

What I learned this morning: 

  • Waking up at 4:30 when you don’t have to is gross.
  • How to open the door when leaving my student housing (now let’s just hope I remember to press the button so I don’t look stupid.) 
  • The Tube likes to have construction happen a lot on weekends so you have to navigate replacement buses (this was confusing). 

What the orientation taught me:

  • My campus has the cinema that was the “birthplace of British cinema.”
  • Pret is absolutely delicious and has the best sandwiches ever.
  •  Don’t throw up the peace sign in the UK. 
  • Jerk off is never appropriate to say when referencing the way a bus driver begins driving (only because the connotations).
  • Don’t say slow poke. It means nothing, but just don’t.
  • British people drink as a lifestyle. They go out in their work clothes. They don’t go home and get ready. My advisor doesn’t get how Americans get through the day without drinking. This is something I’ll have to get used to. 
  • My advisor is the best (she loves free health care and doesn’t undertand why we don’t have it, she hates the doctor in general, she thinks vaccines are stupid, and she said “Your lovely president Bush, and I say that sarcastically, used this word inappropriately and ruined everything.” She’s pretty hilarious. 

What I learned throughout the rest of the day:

  • A lot more about what Londoners think.
  • The proper way to walk through London.
  • Why their way of doing everything is efficient.
  • That even though there are very few trash cans (due to the IRA- Irish Republican Army dropping bombs in them) the city is very clean (because there is a heck of a hefty fine).
  • Go into central London with a plan of pubs to visit.
  • Money flys out the wazoo very quickly.
  • Where to get half-priced theatre tickets.
  • The Tube is a lot easier to navigate than the subway system in New York. It’s also a lot cleaner. 
  • Public transport is the bomb.com.
  • ASDA was better the second time around.
  •  I am going to love it here. 

3 thoughts on “A day spent galavanting

      1. ahh awesome. i go to france next year for my year abroad and they have so many different gestures for so many different things, i’ll definitely get something wrong or misinterpreted haha! 🙂

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