What you learn from an all-nighter at an airport and what happens once you finally leave.

I arrived at Heathrow Airport at 10 PM on the third. The meeting time for my study abroad group was noon on the fourth. Rather than spend money on some hotel room, I decided to hang out in the airport all night, and there are a few lessons I learned.

  • At lot of people you meet at an international airport will speak four to five languages and make you feel in adequate.
  • Watching The Avengers is the perfect way to pass time.
  • They shut the heat off around 2 am. 
  • Sleeping on your suitcase for thirty minutes will still leave awkward lines on your face.
  • Listening to British pop like One Direction and Little Mix will make you wish you were British.
  • If someone messes with the fire alarm and it goes off, employees will stand up and look confused, but they won’t do anything, so you can continue to sit because it wasn’t a real alarm.
  • It appears most everyone gets to work at 4 am (or at least that’s when they finally turn the lights back on and people scramble around with coffee cups in hand) 
  • But most importantly, you will make some interesting friends and learn some interesting stories like the English teach from Brazil who thinks she is too old to travel but loves to do it anyway and can speak German or the boy from Vienna who is finally going home after a few years of working in NYC or the British boy on his way to school in San Diego or the family from Spain with a hyper little girl who played tag with her sister to stay awake at three am.

I may be exhausted and about to pass out right now, but I’d like to think the experience was worth it. Heathrow isn’t the greatest place in the world, but I met some pretty nice people, and that’s more than I can say for a lonely night in a hotel.

As for the following adventures, I moved into my apartment with my flatmates, and I think we are all going to get along just fine. I already have had so many laughs with some of the people and think everything will be just fine. But I also learned a few things about shopping at ASDA. 

  • Quite possibly the most hectic shopping place I’ve been to
  • A lot of workers can barely speak English so they might not be the best help
  • Self-checkout is barely self-checkout because workers have to approve certain item weights and your credit card
  • They won’t take a card unless it’s signed
  • Just lifting the machine and unplugging a chord can fix a problem
  • The plastic bags are the worst bags ever because they stick together and then rip really easily
  • There are many different items, and it’s quite overwhelming
  • I don’t get how the carts work, so the baskets are an easy second option
  • The escalator made to carry you and a shopping cart makes you feel like you are falling  because it’s at a weird angle 
  • It may be cheap (1 pd items!!) but goodness is it an experience

And now I think it’s time for bed. Goodnight world. May these adventures in London be wonderful!  


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